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  • Sunset - Braun Safari 2010
  • Airplane used in Braun Safari, Namibia 2012.
  • Chobe Elephants
  • Lloyd in Okavango - Botswana
  • Lloyd Camp - Gorilla in Rwanda
  • Two elephants
  • Cockle Safari Botswana November 2011
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  • Uganda Shoebill
  • Gorilla in Uganda - UPE October 2010
  • Wheatley Safari - September / October 2011
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  • Long Safari Bukela Africa - August & September 2010
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  • Happy Travellers
  • Braun Safari Botswana Zimbabwe 2010
  • Long Safari Bukela Africa Aug & Sept 2010
  • Wild Dog - Tanzania
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This is BCT - Blue Crane Tourism

The Blue Crane is South Africa’s most elegant bird, and is one of its rarest. As the national bird of the country, it represents something unique and special. It is unquestionably beautiful, and much sought after. This is what Blue Crane Tourism strives for: an elegant and personalised African safari experience which transports you to the most special and fragile wilderness areas of Africa. BCT combines style with practical reality, and it is all underpinned by more than twenty years of experience in safari tourism, training and privately guided journeys through some of the most fascinating regions on earth. Be warned: travelling with BCT is an addictive and life-changing experience!